Life in High Summer 135 (Maxi Delux Silk) - LIMITED EDITION FOR MOTHER'S DAY


A wonderful, soft to the touch, silk twill scarf with hand-rolled edges. 

Easy to wear around the neck, doubles as a headscarf and is large enough to wrap around the waist at the beach. This versatile scarf is the perfect comfort for winter and comes to life in the summer!

"High Summer" in Australia marks the first half of the summer when the grass grows tall, the seeds set in, and the mother bird feeds her young. 

This limited edition design is an epic song celebrating the dedication and overflow of the life-giving love of parents, in particular, the ever nuturing motherlove.

✦ Silk twill with hand-rolled edges

✦ Maxi Delux 135x135cm or 53x53in

✦ Limited edition

Care instructions:
If you prefer to dry clean, by all means, dry clean.
However, it’s safe to hand wash this delicate fabric at home too. Steam or gentle iron.