About Us

Hi there. If you have found this page then perhaps you would like to know the story behind Chilled Mochi Studio?

A Melbourne studio

I am a Vietnamese Australian living in Melbourne with a full time job in User Experience (UX). I love my job, I love growing with it and I enjoy getting to learn new things each day. I also believe that as humans, we should always be nurturing a few hobbies as often as we can. For me, I enjoy drawing, sketching, gardening, writing & creating. I am a maker.

From the very first days of Chilled Mochi Studio I always saw it as a collective, as a "We". I would love to see more designers joining us in the future. At the moment though, it's just the one person running the show (me!), right through from draft sketches to updating the website and right through to the fulfilment of orders. I am very lucky though to have a huge amount of support from my friends and family, so it never feels lonely.

Having said all that, if the service falls short (which is extremely rare) then I hope you understand!

Unique, fun and liberal 

Here at Chilled Mochi Studio I put my heart and soul into each and every scarf. There are always several design variants, mockups and print tests to pick out the best materials for each scarf. All of our scarves are inspired by my personal experiences and observations of nature, blended with my curiosity of the diverse cultures found around the world.

For example, you will find beautiful patterns reflecting the "High Summer" from the 6 seasons of the Indigenous calendar with mother birds feeding their young and Paradise bird flowers among one of our many designs. Scarves are my travel must-have. They are a wonderful, multi purpose accessory. The perfect combination of comfort and style.

I sincerely hope you will love them as much I do. Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts! If you ever have any questions or would just like to chat, you can find me at Chilledmochistudio@gmail.com. Eva.

 Eva at Chilled Mochi

A roll of scarves

Me working on the computer for the Life in High Summer scarf